Customer Testimonials

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“The instructor’s attention to detail and depth of knowledge of the game of golf and the golf swing were outstanding. He was extremely personable and, I believe, gave each of the attendees – there were four of us with very different levels of ability – all of the personal attention needed to understand their personal strengths and weaknesses, and what to focus on to make their games better. The program was comprehensive and covered virtually all aspects of the game.”

P. Daniels

“What can I tell you? Now I’m shooting in the 80’s and I used to shoot 115. I used to hit a BIG slice 200 yards with my driver and now I hit it 260 with a draw. The three things that my instructor worked on in my full swing were so simple that once he showed me I couldn’t believe no one had ever shown me these things before. I’m a believer.”

K. Patel

“My two grand children had an exceptional experience. His way of teaching children and simplifying their swing with a few words truly excited my 10 yr old grandson and 8 yr old granddaughter with the game of golf! ”

R. Kuhnert

“I learned more about the golf swing and the principles of making good swings in the three-day school than I have in my forty years of playing golf. I really feel like I know know what to do in terms of both the mechanics of the swing and the activities to properly ingrain the skills into my everyday golf game. Every aspect of the short game was covered, and the statement that the skills taught during the class would help, our long game is true. After class on Sunday Cathy and I played the front nine at Oconee and I shot an effortless 39, which is pretty darn good for a guy with a 10.7 index.”

B. Holl

Fitting /Club Building

“The team was great to work with. Very knowledgeable and helpful. His enthusiasm and energy made for a very enjoyable session. My driver was built in no time at all. Very personable and professional. Dolce was very pleasant and professional. I will recommend The Reynolds Kingdom of Golf to my friends and colleagues with the highest regards. Thank you!”

S. Ballentine

“Excellent from start to finish. The friendly staff were very knowledgeable and fun to work with. I have recommended to several friends to experience The Kingdom and each has enjoyed the experience as well. I won’t buy a club with out returning. ”

T. Clark

“Honestly, one of the best golf experiences I have ever had. Working with the team was like being on the range with a good friend. Absolutely fantastic day and experience. I have told numerous, numerous family, friends, and clients about how great it was.”

R. Schultz

“I switched out my driver and am much happier with the changes made. I had been struggling with my driver all year and things have been much improved since my visit to The Kingdom. The staff had a new club put together by the end of our session and I played with it for a couple of days prior to ordering. Very happy.”

K. McDonald

I’ve always played a few rounds per year, and I have started playing more seriously in the past year, shooting in the low/ mid 80’s. This was my first club fitting experience. If you play more than once a month, you need to be properly fitted for clubs. A good swing is the starting point, but you need equipment that fits you. I had the pleasure of working with Alan Stone. He is very knowledgeable, easy to work with, and professional. In addition to a great fitting experience, Alan offered up a few pointers that have already made a dramatic impact on the outcomes of my hits. As a direct result of my 3-1/2 hours with Alan, I have now lowered my scoring target, for this season, by 5 more strokes. I highly recommend Alan to anyone who needs a fitting. Reynolds Kingdom of Golf Presented by TaylorMade is a terrific venue.”

Chris B

Corporate Golf Outings

“On behalf of American Orthodontics, and myself personally, I wanted to take an opportunity to reach out and thank you, and the entire team at The Kingdom, for providing a most memorable experience for our Doctors. The personal attention and level of service from everyone on your staff, as well as the golf expertise and overall Taylormade experience, completely blew us away. Our follow-up survey, which we conduct with our attendees, returned the highest rated event we have ever held, and of note, was the majority of those respondents noted the “fitting” or “Kingdom experience” as the most enjoyable part of the entire event weekend.

We could have not been more pleased with our decision to host a company event at Reynolds Lake Oconee and the Kingdom, and without a doubt plan on returning again in the near future for another event for our customers. Look forward to our company’s return in the near future and please forward our appreciation to the rest of the team at the Kingdom.”

M. Olivieri