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At Reynolds Kingdom of Golf, our club fitting professionals offer one-on-one consultations that synchronize the proper equipment with your personal swing specifications in order to create optimal performance. Work with our TaylorMade Master Club Builder and begin customizing your clubs.

At Reynolds Kingdom of Golf presented by TaylorMade, fitting employs a series of high-tech tools that work together to deliver a wide range of remarkably precise data about every key element of your swing, which is invaluable to helping us determine the exact equipment specifications for you. Discover the sophisticated software used to create your best fitting clubs.

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Take Your Game to the Next Level with Custom Club Fittings

Our on-site experts are ready to measure you for a set of clubs that fit like a glove, perfectly measured to take into account your height, swing, and style. Start with your short game clubs, or get fitted for the whole set, whatever makes sense for you.
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