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Club Fitting Technology

A Reynolds Kingdom of Golf presented by TaylorMade fitting employs a series of high-tech tools that collectively deliver a wide range of remarkably
precise data about every component of your swing.

Gears Golf

Gears is a full swing club and body tracking system used by PGA pros, club fitters, and club manufacturers to measure and analyze every nuance of a swing, in full 3D, from address to follow-through. Built on the same technology used by biomechanists and filmmakers, Gears is the most advanced motion capture solution developed specifically for golf.

Quintic Launch Monitor System

The putter is the most used club in the bag but often the most overlooked part of the golfer’s practice regimen. We believe that the same precise calibration approach used in the full set of clubs is even more critical with your putter in order to get the most out of your unique putting swing. With our new Putter Lab, featuring a Quintic Launch Monitor System, we can capture and analyze all critical information about your stroke to determine the precise combination of loft, length, head style and hosel style for each player. These measurements will help the instructor and the player identify why they have certain, predictable results, and more importantly give our Master club builders information to build a putter which accentuates the positive tendencies of your exact stroke.

TrackMan IIIe and Flightscope X2 Launch Monitor Systems

Equipped with Doppler radar swing analysis like TrackMan IIIe and Fightscope X2, the Reynolds Kingdom of Golf can capture club head speed, ball speed, angle of attack, trajectory, and carry distance among other key measurements. The precision of these tools, combined with the Reynolds Kingdom of Golf practice facility and all-season hitting bays provide the ideal environment for productive and efficient game improvement.

Club Fitting Prices

Full Club Fitting

$450 for 3 hour fitting

A complete set of customized clubs promises peak performance.  Shaft and head combinations unique to you and your game will mean fewer mis-hits and consistently lower scores. Fitting will measure your swing using state-of-the-art technology such as the MAT-T System and the Trackman.

Iron Fitting

$200 for 1.5 -2 Hours of Fitting

Equipped with Doppler radar swing analysis like the TrackMan IIIe, our club building experts will tailor clubs to maximize your iron game. Your custom irons will allow you exceptional accuracy and distance along with optimal launch and spin.

Wood Fitting

$200 for 1.5 -2 Hours of Fitting

Your wood club is one of your standard utility clubs in the golf bag and is essential for your golf game. Our TaylorMade Master Builders are ready to measuring your swing and ball striking,  then fit you with the best shaft and head combinations for your specific game.

Driver, Wedge or Putter Fitting

$125  for 1 Hours of Fitting

Add extra yardage or strengthen your short game with a customized  driver, wedge or putter.

Begin Building Your Customized Clubs

Clubs may be purchased through the Reynolds Kingdom of Golf at an additional cost.
Some onsite building is available and subject to component availability.
Club fittings are available Tuesday-Saturday by appointment with Full fittings starting at 9:00am and 1:30pm.