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Reynolds Kingdom of Golf Clinic Series

Clinic Series Pricing


The Reynolds Kingdom of Golf Custom Clinic Series gives you a great choice each week to get better at the specific part of your game that needs attention. Hitting the ball longer and with solid contact makes golf more enjoyable. A good short game and a lot of one putts can lead to your career round. 

A variety of clinics are offered including Pitching using TRACKMAN, Putting using Foresight, Bunker and Pitching, 3 Club Full Swing, Beginners, and Chipping.

Clinics are conducted by either Rob Bowser, Player Development Manager; or Ryan Rios, PGA Head Professional.

Clinics take place at either the Reynolds Kingdom of Golf or The National Golf Course.

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Advanced Clinic Series

Advanced Series Pricing


The Advanced Clinic Series is tailored to meet the needs of the more serious player.  The Advanced Series will utilize the latest technology and be taught by Rob Bowser.  TRACKMAN will provide you with the same swing data tour players use to improve. High-Speed video analysis will be used to help students improve faster.  You can choose to make this a 1-hour or 2-hour clinic.

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Tuesday, January 30th at The National with Ryan Rios

1:00pm – 2:00pm: Distance Wedges

2:00pm – 3:00pm: Chipping/Putting

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Clinic Series Instructors

Rob Bowser
Rob BowserPlayer Development Manager
Ryan Rios
Ryan RiosPGA Head Professional

Clinic Series Technology

TrackMan technology provides the most accurate data on ball flight and club data including tracking at the moment you make impact with the ball. Key parameters such as ball speed, attack angle, club path, face angle allow for a complete analysis of your game within just a few swings, making this an integral part of the Reynolds Kingdom of Golf Clinic Series.

Foresight Simulator technology gives an indoor golf experience like you’ve never imagined. Complete with ball flight data, illustrated shot shape, distance, and dispersion, the Foresight Simulator allows for indoor play among the world’s most challenging and beautiful courses.

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