Golf Schools

“Our philosophy means we don’t make you look like a golfer; we turn you into a golfer. For each student, this means we focus on building the essential golf skills that great golfers have in common.” ~ Charlie King, Director of Instruction at Reynolds Kingdom of Golf

If you can find a better environment for learning golf than what we’ve established here at Reynolds Kingdom of Golf, by all means attend. But we don’t think you will. Choose a school that best fits you.

Three Day Essentials of Golf™ School

At our Three Day School, you’ll learn the fundamentals of a sound golf swing, the vital importance of a solid short game, the basic principles of course management, the importance of fitness, and you’ll receive personalized video analysis.

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“Red Zone” Short Game School

The instructional emphasis of The Red Zone School is on the skills and strategy of putting, chipping, pitching, distance wedges, sand shots, and specialty shots. You will learn how to switch from mechanics to feel and program yourself for peak performance.

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“Outstanding instruction; skills based; balance between classroom and practice; exceptional facilities. Approachable, friendly, earnest interest in seeing each of us succeed”
M. Cravey